Services & Pricing

Below is a comprehensive list of our services and pricing. If you have any questions at all, anyone here at Valeria Hair Salon will gladly be of assistance.

Hair Color Treatment

Hair Services

Junior Stylist Master Stylist Artistic Director
Women’s Cut and Style $35 and up $48 and up $55 and up
Men’s Cut and Style $20 and up $25 and up $30 and up
Children under 11 $20 and up $25 and up $30 and up
Shampoo & Style $25 and up $33 and up $33 and up
Blow dry $20 and up $20 and up $20 and up
Special Style Bride N/A $50 and up $60 and up
Special Style $40 and up $50 and up $60 and up

Hair Color Treatments

Junior Stylist Master Stylist Artistic Director
Color Retouch $60 and up $70 and up $80 and up
Full Color $70 and up $80 and up $90 and up
Virgin Color $80 and up $90 and up $100 and up
Corrective Color N/A Price consultation
Partial Foils (2 colors) $70 and up $80 and up $90 and up
Full Foils (2 colors) $90 and up $100 and up $110 and up
Fashion Foils $40 and up $50 and up $60 and up
Foil Additional Color $15 $15 $15
Color wash/ Toners $30 and up $40 and up $40 and up
Perms $85 and up $100 and up $100 and up
Spiral or Piggy back perm N/A $140 and up $150 and up
Beach Wave N/A Price consultation
Keratin Blowout N/A Price consultation
Smoothing Therapy N/A Price consultation
Anti-curl N/A $65 and up $75 and up
Relaxers N/A $65 and up $75 and up
Condition Treatments $25 $30 $30

There is an additional charge for long hair. All prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the selected style. A price will be quoted before services are started.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions make your hair thicker, longer and more beautiful. Performed by master stylists and artistic directors.

price consultation

Nail Therapies

Nail Therapies

The Healing Manicure

Nails are trimmed, buffed and filed followed by a conditioning treatment to hydrate.

(30 min) $30
Add Gel Polish $5

The Healing Pedicure

Nails are trimmed, buffed and filed followed by a conditioning treatment to hydrate.

(45 min) $45
Add Gel Polish $5

Combination Healing Manicure & Pedicure

(1 hr, 15 min) $75
Add Gel Polish $10

The Dermalogica Hand Therapy

Heal your hands with Dermalogica. The hands are the most used part of the body and typically the most neglected. This extensive manicure will leave your hands feeling revitalized. The aromatherapy massage will ease your mind and relieve your stress.

(60 min) $60

The Dermalogica Footcial

Dermalogica is a world-renowned skin product line used by professionals only. Our Dermalogica product will make the difference on your feet! Experience our most luxurious pedicure that includes an aromatherapy hand and foot massage with steamed towels, to insure ultimate hydration and relaxation.

(75 min) $75

The Combination Dermalogica Hand Therapy & Footcial

(2hrs, 15 min) $125

Gel Overlay Full Set


Gel Overlay Fill


Pink & White Full Set


Pink & White Fill


Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

  • Weightless, semi permanent eyelashes with a natural look, that last up to 2 months with refills
  • Painless, relaxing treatment that only takes 90 to 180 minutes
  • Water resistant so you can swim and shower worry free
  • Lengthens and thickens without the need for mascara

Partial (80 min) $100 and up | Full (120 min) $150 and up | Touch-ups (60 min) $75 and up

Eyelash & Brow Tinting

Brow $20 | Lash $25 | Combo $40

Brow Microblading

Brow Microblading

Microblading is a technique where fine lines are scratched into the surface of the skin, and pigment embedded. The strokes accurately replicate hair (as in a brow or hairline). Results can last up to two years, depending on a variety of factors such as color of pigment, skin type, and lifestyle.

Call for more details

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening From White science

SpaWHITE Express

20 minute treatment (up to 4 shades whiter) $49

SpaWHITE Silver

40 minute treatment (up to 7 shades whiter) includes whiteice maintenance stick $89

Fabulous Facials

Fabulous Facials


This deep cleansing facial treatment is perfect for releasing the skin irritants that occur with surface dirt, pollution, sun, diet, and makeup. The revealing is recommended for those on a regular skin maintenance program and for those on the go.

(60 min) $75

Revitalizing Facial

This revitalizing facial begins with a thorough deep-pore cleansing, followed by exfoliation with steam, extraction, a stress reducing thai facial massage, and a personalized mask for your skin type. This treatment is finished with a nutrient rich hydrating crème designed to protect and balance the skin.

(75 min) $85

Ultra Sensitive

The facial for those with sensitivities, redness, rosacea, allergies, or highly stressed complex skin. We begin the treatment with gentle soothing cleansers and moisturizers, followed with an oatmeal masque. We then finish the facial with cool massage stones, along with a pressure point massage that instantly calms the skin.

(75 min) $85

Gentleman Facial

The facial is specifically engineered for gentlemen. This total face treatment leaves the skin feeling fit, clean, and toned. It helps to prevent acne, shaving irritations, ingrown hairs, and sun damage.

(60 min) $80
(90 min) $115


This facial is recommended for acne management by targeting current blemishes while preventing future breakout activity. This treatment is highly effective at maintaining clear skin when coupled with home care, including our specialized acne-clearing booster or clearing gels.

(60 min) $70

Facial Terapies 01

Facial Therapies


This effective skin resurfacing treatment uses a dual-function technique that combines exfoliation with aluminum-oxide crystals and gentle vacuuming to remove impurities and erase imperfections. It stimulates and restores circulation promoting healthy new cellular regeneration. Microdermabrasion improves skin tone, elasticity, reduces discolorations, restores clarity, refines enlarged pores, and dramatically reduces fine lines.

Face and neck (60 min) $100
Face, neck and chest (70 min) $110
Series of six save $100

Dermalinfusion Body

Dermalinfusion offer a comprehensive body therapy treatment. The Dermalinfusion BODY System delivers acombination therapy, which simultaneously provides body polishing, vacuummassage and serum infusion. This unique combination addresses the underlyingcellular processes that bring about skin imperfections in many areas of thebody. Each handpiece features an adjustable-depth tip, allowing the operator totreat a broad range of skin types and conditions associated with the body. Highsettings allow for treating cellulite, restoring elasticity, and providing deeplymphatic massage; while lower settings are for treating stretch marks, roughskin, and acne.

Neck/Décolletage: Improve textures and problem areas.

Upper Arms & Legs: The only treatment of its kind forKeratosis Pilaris – those little bumps on the back of upper arms and legs.

Call for more details



DermalInfusion is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment thatcombines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums toimprove skin health, function and appearance.

A patented, non-invasive treatment, DermalInfusion is fullycustomizable and the perfect solution to address a wide variety of skinconcerns and conditions from head-to-toe and is suitable for all skin types andtones.

Call for more details


A topical acid of lactic, glycolic, salicylic, and alpha hydroxy offers a more aggressive approach to skincare by dissolving the dead skin from the surface. Peels promote the skin’s collagen to soften, helping to hydrate and improve elasticity, tone and texture. Before undergoing an acid peel you will need to be on a preparatory program for a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior.

(60 min) $100
Add on to microdermabrasion $40
Also available in a series of six for $500 (you get one free)
Peels are recommended in a series of six treatments, once or twice a week,
then once a month for as long as skin requires.

LED Light Therapy

This new exclusive treatment is highly recommended as an add-on treatment to any of our resurfacing treatments. LED technologies are designed to reverse the effects of skin aging with a non-invasive tool to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, heal blemishes, improve skin tone, help to regenerate collagen, and help to reduce melanin production.

(30 min) $40
Add on to any facial $25

Skin Care Makeup
A comprehensive line of mineral cosmetics that provides products with the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women though their effectiveness, simplicity and beauty. Founded in 1994 and run to this day by Jane Iredale, every product is developed to be as good for the skin as it is beautiful to wear. It is the number one choice of skin care professionals and recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Makeup application

Professional application from a certified makeup artist.

(40 min) $50

Makeup lesson

Professional application and a lesson on how to apply makeup for your facial features — then it’s your turn to become the makeup artist.

(60 min) $50
Makeup touch ups are complimentary to any service.

jane iredale logo, text, graphics and photo images: Copyright © 2004 – 2012 by Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.




This traditional massage uses long gliding strokes and kneading to relax muscles, improve circulation, and relieve tension while soothing the whole body.

(30 min) $39 | (60 min) $69 | (75 min) $100

Sports/Deep Tissue

Designed to relieve problem areas in overused and stressed muscles, the Sports/Deep Tissue massage loosens muscle fibers, releases toxins and helps break up patterns of tension.

(30 min) $39 | (60 min) $69

The Stone Massage

Heated basalt and cold marble stones transmit soothing hot and cold sensations deep into the muscle tissue, helping to bring balance to your emotional, physical and spiritual being. An extremely calming and nurturing experience that is intended to release minerals and cleanse the body of toxins.

(60 min) $99 | (90 min) $140


This ancient oriental treatment uses pressure point massage techniques on the feet, where all of the nerves of the body end, to address the needs of the whole body. For those who have never tried it, reflexology provides an unusually enlightening and fulfilling experience.

(25 min) $45 | (50 min)$70

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy is a program of recovery for acute and chronic pain syndromes. By concentrating on specific muscle groups, it enhances the function of joints and muscles, and promotes the release of endorphins — the body’s own painkillers.

(30 min) from $60 | (50 min) from $75

Prenatal Massage

Specifically designed for expecting mothers, the prenatal massage offers a welcome respite from the aches and tension that are caused by the dramatic changes brought about by pregnancy. (Must be in second trimester)

(30 min) $55 | (60 min) $75



The Vital Back Treatment

A specific deep cleansing for the back, the Vital helps control breakouts and restores balance. Ideal for problematic, dry, itchy skin. Also great before a prom, wedding, or simply a night out on the town.

(60 min) $85

Ocean Salt Glow

A blend of mineral rich sea salts, natural kelp, skin soothing enzymes, and healing herbs, the Ocean helps to remove excess surface cells. A rich blend of aromatherapy oils help to restore moisture and hydration to the body. For optimal benefits, we recommend you to avoid shaving 24 hrs prior to this service.

(45 min) $75

Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy

Natural earth clays draw out impurities while ginger and white tea help stimulate circulation and smooth skin. This treatment is very detoxifying and the effects may be felt for up to 72 hours, (not recommended if allergic to iodine, seaweed, shellfish, or kelp.)

(60 min) $80

Power Hydration Therapy

This is an intense soothing body wrap that nourishes while hydrating and conditioning the skin. Extremely beneficial for irritated, dry, or peeling skin, caused by sunburn or environmentally stressed skin. This treatment will relax your mind as it rejuvenates your skin. This is a great treatment for the “winter itch” season.

(60 min) $80

Swiss Shower

Indulge yourself in the privacy of a swiss shower, with nine pulsating heads that releases stress and fatigue while deep cleansing the skin.

(15 min) Complimentary to any body service
All body treatments include a hot oil scalp massage

Sun Health

Sun Health

Golden Wellness Aloe Body Treatment

This ultra moisture treatment is designed for after sun exposure or UV bed use. A natural aloe pack is swaddled in a thermal wrap to infuse the skin with hydration, while the healing power of aloe helps to revitalize sluggish dull skin to a radiant glow.

(60 min) $80


This buff ‘n’ bronze treatment gives you the color and glow of a tan without the sun exposure and damage. Applied with an aromatic body polish, sunswept is followed up with a tan application.

w/exfoliation (90 min) $90
Self tan w/out exfoliation (45 min) $45
Second application (within 72 hours) (30 min) $30









Combo/all three





$33 and up

Full legs

$53 and up

Full legs w/bikini

$75 and up




$55 and up



1/2 back

$25 and up

Complete back

$45 and up

All waxing services are subject to change according to esthetician’s recommendations. Prices may vary according to hair growth and the amount of hair.

A La Carte

A La Carte

Hydration Therapy

This soothing treatment is applied and removed with steamed towels and finished with a warm hydrating cream.

Arms or lower legs (30 min) $35 | Combo (40 min) $55

Eye Rescue Treatment

This soothing treatment helps to alleviate eye puffiness, fine lines and under eye circles. Firm, tone, soothe and revitalize your tired eyes with our unique blend of vitamins and firming botanicals. Reserve this treatment on its own or include with any facial.

(20 min) $25
Add to any facial for $10

Lip Saver Treatment

This four step lip facial system includes; an exfoliator that refines and prepares, a moisturizer that helps to reduce fine lines, and increase lip moisture, a restorer which adds fullness, restores collagen, and improves contour of lips. Finally, a sealer that polishes and protects.

(10 min) $15
Add to any facial for $10

5 O’Clock Massage

Fifteen minutes of massage on the neck, back and shoulders relieves the stress and tension that builds throughout the day.

(15 min) $15

Anti-aging Solutions

Anti-aging solutions


BOTOX® Cosmetic is most commonly used to minimize frown lines, lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), horizontal forehead lines, nasal scrunch or squint lines, and lines on the neck. It is also used in small amounts in a number of other areas on the face depending on the way your muscles of facial expression work. It can raise the outer part of the eyebrow if it is sagging, lift the corners of the mouth, and help to smooth out dimpled or cobblestoned chins.

Price determined after consutation


Treatments with Juvederm can smooth out folds and wrinkles, add volume to the lips, and contour facial features that have lost their fullness due to aging, sun exposure, and illness. The results can often be seen immediately.

Price determined after consutation


JUVÉDERM® Ultra, like all JUVÉDERM® products, is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is injected into the skin to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as facial folds. It’s the only filler that the FDA has verified can remain effective up to a year, however the average for Ultra is closer to 9 months. It is also the smooth consistency of the formula that makes JUVÉDERM® stand out among the other filler options.

The smoothness and consistency comes from the manufacturing process known as HYLACROSS™ technology. It’s used solely by Allergan to create JUVÉDERM® Ultra and the other JUVÉDERM® products. The result is a viscos formula with 9% hyaluronic acid cross-linking, which greatly effects many aspects of the filler. Patients like the longevity and medical professionals appreciate the predictability of the product as well as its superior flow.

Best uses for JUVÉDERM® Ultra:

  • Filling moderate wrinkles; smile lines and marionette lines
  • Contouring
  • Scar Correction
  • Moderate lip enhancement

Price determined after consutation


In 2010 JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC was approved for use by the FDA. It’s essentially the same as JUVÉDERM® Ultra, however it includes an extra ingredient. Lidocaine, a local anesthesia, is added to decrease discomfort during injections. Even though there is just 0.3% lidocaine in the formula it makes a significant difference when the procedure takes place.

Best uses for JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC:

  • Filling moderate wrinkles; smile lines and marionette lines
  • Contouring
  • Scar Correction
  • Moderate lip enhancement

Price determined after consutation

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus takes it up a notch. It is a thicker, more viscos formula with a cross-linking of 11%. This higher concentration of cross-linking helps JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus last a little longer at around 12 months. While JUVÉDERM® Ultra is injected into the middle of the dermis, JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus goes into the deeper layers of the skin.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus:

  • Filling severe wrinkles; smile lines and marionette lines
  • Adding more significant volume to lips
  • Correction of naso-labial folds
  • Facial shaping

Price determined after consutation


As with JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC, JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC contains lidocaine to make injections more comfortable.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC:

  • Filling severe wrinkles; smile lines and marionette lines
  • Adding more significant volume to lips
  • Correction of naso-labial folds
  • Facial shaping

Price determined after consutation


JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC is the newest product to receive FDA approval. VOLUMA™ XC was developed to address concerns with significant volume loss in the cheeks. It is the first and only filler to be FDA-approved for this purpose. The filler is injected into the deeper layers of the dermis in three areas of the cheek: the apex, apple and hollow. Patients will be happy to know that the results can last up to 2 years. This particular JUVÉDERM® product is only for patients that are over 21 years old. And you guessed it – JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC also contains lidocaine for a gentler injection.

If you’re considering JUVÉDERM® it’s important to discuss all of your options with an experienced medical professional. Give us a call if you live in the New York or New Jersey area and would like to know more about the procedure.

Price determined after consutation

JuvedermVollure™ XC

JuvedermVollure™ XC

Juvederm Vollure™ XC for laugh lines and marionette lines is anew Hyaluronic Gel filler in the Juvederm family. Clinical tests showed upto 18 months longevity.

Improved Fillers – Improved Results

As fillers improve, you get to expect a longer correction and smoother correction. Thepatented Vycross® technology blends different molecule weights to achieve a particularlysmooth result. Vycross cross-linking makes the fillers more malleable andeasier to inject, further improving the outcome. The fact that Vollure lasts so long makes it veryappealing to those who want to “fill it and forget it”. Clinical study results of 18 months arebased on optimal correction. Results may vary.

Price determined after consutation

Juvederm Voluma

Long – lasting Hyaluronic Gel for mid-face Volume

Volume – we lose it simply because that’s whatthe body does as it ages. Losing volume in the face alters the way youlook and often that alteration says “older”. Getting older is fine, butlooking older is not something you necessarily embrace.

The new mid-face filler.

Immediate-action volumizers have existedbefore Juvederm Voluma, but none were specifically developed for the purpose ofrestoring volume to deflated cheeks and chin. Voluma has action lastingup to 24 months* so it’s a product we are very excited to bring to our patients.* Ref: Juvederm Voluma

Full cheeks are a sign of youth. Adequate chinprojection plays into the balance of facial contours and is often overlooked.Juvederm Voluma to re-plump cheeks and balance the chin profile has topotential to create a more youthful appearance.

Price determined after consutation


Juvéderm® VOLBELLA® is developed specifically for your lipsand mouth area. If you’ve lost the soft, sensual lips you used to have and wanta subtle, more kissable look, then Volbella is exactly what you’ve been lookingfor for.

A smooth gel that isinjected using an ultra-fine needle, Volbella is the queen in assuring asoft, natural feel. The gel fills in lip lines and wrinkles while thehyaluronic acid within attracts and retains moisture for incredibly soft lips

Price determined after consutation


Kybella (deoxycholic acid) injection is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that is used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called, “double chin.”

Price determined after consutation


Dysport is an injection used to temporarily improve the look of your moderate to severe frown lines without changing the look of your whole face. The untreated facial muscles still work normally, allowing you to freely show facial expressions, such as smiling, in untreated areas.

Price determined after consutation


Restylane can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds). Restylane may also be used for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years.

Price determined after consutation


This gel offers natural looking results with little recovery time. Since the gel is softer than most other products on the market, it integrates into facial skin more easily and adapts to facial contours. Of the patients who have been treated with Belotero, many have stated that they see immediate results with reduction of wrinkles but the results are more natural and subtle.

Price determined after consutation

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Valeria’s laser hair experts make unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past for both men and
women. We utilize state of the art laser technology to permanently reduce unwanted hair. We offer flexibility and can customize our treatments and prices to fit your needs. If you’re looking for smooth legs, a hairless back, a razor bump free bikini area, or you’re just tired of grooming stray hairs on or around your face, we can help.

For best results, 6 treatments are recommended to achieve the desired results of 85% to 99% permanent hair loss. Schedule your free consultation today.

Treatment Type Single Treatment 6 Treatment Package
Lip $120 $660
Chin $120 $660
Underarms $140 $780
Arms $170 $960
Basic Bikini – three inches out $140 $780
Brazilian Bikini $155 $870
Happy Trail $102 $550
Leg Full $350 $1,920
Leg Half $195 $1,110
Back Full $390 $1,800
Back Half $200 $1,110
Chest Full & Abdomen $300 $1,620
Chest Half $200 $1,110
Abdomen $175 $960
Shoulders $140 $780
Neck $140 $660

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial & Skin Rejuvenation

Photofacial of the face and body produces even-toned skin that looks more youthful. Photofacial can erase skin damage and treat a variety of skin conditions, such as: broken capillaries, uneven pigmentation, sun and smoke damage, pigmented freckles and age spots, veins, red flushing skin, mild acne scars, rosacea and redness, enlarged pores, liver spots, dull complexions, fine lines and wrinkles.

The advanced non-laser intense pulse light technology gently delivers precise amounts of light
energy through the skin’s surface to stimulate the production of collagen. As the new collagen forms, it softens the appearance of aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are decreased and the redness associated with rosacea can be dramatically reduced. Photofacial treatments restore a more youthful appearance and improve skin texture without any downtime – allowing you to return to work or leisure activities immediately.

If you’re considering a photofacial treatment – we invite you to schedule a free consultation

Session time: 45 min to 1hr.

Single session $200 | 3 Session pak $570 | 6 Session pak $1,140

Skin Tightening Rejuvenation

Turn back the clock on aging skin by using light energy to stimulate new collagen growth deep beneath your skin’s surface. It is an ideal solution to enhance your youthful and healthy appearance without surgery, recovery time, or injections.

Tighten wrinkled and sagging skin on the face, abdomen, upper arms, and other areas, through infrared light pulses. We can deliver these treatments safely, comfortably and effectively, delivering visible results with little to no downtime after the treatment.

Treatment time is 45 minutes to 1 hour and 4 sessions scheduled 3 weeks apart is recommended. If you’re considering a skin tightening treatment we invite you to schedule a free consultation.

Single treatment $300 | 4 treatment package $1,100


Microneedling, also called CIT (collagen induction therapy), is an advanced, minimally invasive and effective skin rejuvenation therapy that stimulates the body’s own natural collagen and elastin production. CIT improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark patches and scars on the face and body. RejuvapenTM is used because of its superior benefits to all skin types, with no downtime, rapid healing time, minimal (if any) discomfort and superior results.

Session time: 45 min to 1 hour
Single Session: $200 3 series package (recommended) $500

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are designed to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Chemical peel treatments have been performed for many years to treat a variety of skin disorders. Many skin conditions can be improved when receiving a series of peels. Fine lines will soften, dull skin will appear more radiant, rough or uneven skin will become smoother. Sun damaged skin or blotchy skin will even out and acne scarring may be softened.

A chemical solution is used to exfoliate away the skin’s damaged outer layers. The new cells and collagen are stimulated during the healing process to produce a smoother, tighter, younger looking skin surface. Each treatment is customized for the patient’s skin type and specific problem area.

Custom Peel – Modified Jessner

Considered the lunch time peel because you can return to work after this peel service. It helps to remove pigment, fine lines and stimulates collagen. The treatment is skin cleansing, extraction and 1 to 3 layers of skin will peel. The peel solution remains on your face for 6 to 8 hours and is removed at home.

Session time is 30 to 45 minutes

Single treatment $125 | Two treatments $200 | Six treatment package $600

Salicylic Peel

This peel helps clear up acne and maintain break-outs. Its generally for very oily acne skin. The treatment time for the first session is 1 hour and its recommended in series of 6 peels over a 2 to 4 week period depending on the severity.

Single treatment $100 | Two treatments $175 | Six treatment package $540

Alpha Beta Hydroxy Peel

This peel helps leave the skin brighter and tighter by cleaning out the pores and reducing the pore size. It’s a very light peel and can be added to a facial treatment like a microderm. Session time is 1 hour.

Single treatment $90 | Two treatments $150 | Six treatment package $450

Derma Peel

This peel removes unwanted facial hair and dead skin from the face. An exfoliating tool is used, followed by an extraction and then an alpha hydroxy or lactic acid peel is applied to your skin. Then a cooling gel mask is applied to provide soothing benefits. The results are a very smooth, softer, tighter skin appearance. First session is 1 hour, others 30 minutes.

Two treatments $150 | Six treatment package $430

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen. Less aggressive than chemical peels, microdermabrasion uses a jet spray of mineral crystals to remove, then vacuum, the outer keratin layer of the skin. Regular removal of the keratin layer can improve the appearance of: shallow acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged skin, dull or aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture.

While the effects of microdermabrasion are not as dramatic as those of peels or laser treatments, recovery time after the procedure is much shorter. Though there may be some redness afterwards, most patients can return to work immediately. Session time is 1 hour and its recommended 6 treatments each 1 to 2 weeks apart. If you’re considering a microdermabrasion treatment – or any other treatment, schedule a free consultation.

Single treatment $100 | Two treatments $175 | Six treatment package $540

Tatto removal

Tattoo Removal

Whatever the reason you may be ready to say goodbye to your tattoo, Valeria Med-Spa has the most advanced laser for “Gentle” removal of all types of tattoo’s. This laser treatment is fast, safe, effective, non-invasive, and leaves your skin looking the way it did before your tattoo.

Successful tattoo removal may take 4 to 6 (or more) treatments. We have several packages to choose from. Call us to arrange a free consultation. Ask about our interest-free, in-house financing.