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Ready to lose weight and keep it off?

Valeria’s Medical Weight Loss
is the answer for you!

The 60-minute initial consultation determines the course of action to meet your goals. Here’s what you and your Weight Loss Consultant do in that hour:

1. Set your weight loss goal and establish your 4 W’s:
What. The amount you want to lose
Where. Where you want to lost it
Why. The reason you want to lose the weight
When. The time frame you want to meet

2. Take beginning photographs and measurements

3. Review our “Tracking Your Success” binder

4. Establish a personalized healthy eating plan

5. Weigh you on the Biospace Inbody Scale to measure your weight, lean body mass, body fat percentage, BMI (Body Mass Index), total body water, muscle development in arms, trunk and legs

6. Your weight loss consultant will go over the program extensively and customize a plan for your specific needs

Then it’s time to meet with a Board Certified Medical Professional:

1. Review your records

2. Conduct a medical exam

3. Talk with you about your goals

4. Explain prescription appetite suppressants and/or supplements and determine whether they are right for you

As a Valeria Signature Medical Weight Loss patient, you will receive continuous monitoring and counseling along with a healthy eating progam and exercise recommendations.

At future scheduled appointments, you will meet with one of our experienced weight loss consultants to review your progress from the previous month. We will:

1. Take new photos and measurements

2. Get the InBody Technology assessment of your body

3. Review your goals

4. Update your “Tracking Your Success” binder

You will then meet with one of our Board Certified Medical Professionals who will examine you, review your progress, and prescribe the appropriate injections or prescriptions.

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